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Cloud Migration Services

Migrating to the cloud is more difficult than you think. A typical IT environment is complex, with a portfolio of custom and off the shelf applications created using different engineers and design standards.

The applications require specific server, network, storage, and security configurations in order to work properly. Also, each application may contain complex integration points with other applications or databases.

In addition, legacy applications were never designed for the cloud. Some are tied to outdated operating systems, drivers, or specialized hardware. They may also have certain assumptions as to what the latency, throughput, scalability, and access rights are within an environment. This means they will not work without some sort of modification or changes to their configuration.

Migration Decisions - Moving applications to the cloud requires designing for the cloud. When deciding whether or not to migrate existing functionality to the cloud, the decision criteria are more complex than for new builds. Contact Axcend to learn more about how we can help you with your cloud migration program.

Cloud Operations and Support:

Reduce the cost and risk of managing and monitoring your IT infrastructure and applications. Axcend provides 7/24/365 days a year cloud operations, support, maintenance, and proactive monitoring. Services also include application and operating system patching, security configuration lock-down, testing, and service desk support. Cloud environments supported include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure/365, Google, private cloud, and hybrid cloud environments. We have performed these services for commercial, DoD, Intel, and government civilian agencies.

Cloud Strategy and Return on Investment(ROI) Analysis:

A sound strategy and plan provides success in the Cloud. How do you maximize cost savings and increase performance? What cloud design provides the best reliability, security, and availability? Axcend's Cloud Strategy and ROI Analysis Services help you accelerate your migration and operations in the Cloud.

Our consultants work with you to assess the suitability of your applications for the cloud, select the right technology, and define a low risk cloud strategy and roadmap for transformation and growth.

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